The EGIN plan for 2021

EGIN will organise a number of activities in the year 2021.
On these pages you will find information about these, online, events:

  • The events that will be organised, the nature of the event, the goal of it;
  • If needed the maximum amount of live participants will b indicated;
  • The steps to undertake to make known you want to participate in or watch a certain event.;
  • If necessary a link to the event.

EGIN certainly hopes the members will value the activities by participating in them.  Participation will be free of charge for all EGIN members and associates.
Of course members and associates can propose content or subjects or a very good presentator for new events.  Please contact the EGIN office (  about your ideas.
We are not looking for ‘rocket science’ in these events. If you have an idea, an assignment that has worked out very well online; if you developed some lessons that would be good for your colleagues, you can share those.

If you wish, you can download the draft planning of the activities for this year: EGIN plan-part1 2021