The board of EGIN

After reorganising in 1994, EGIN is managed by a board of directors consisting of one representative each from the employer’s federation and trade union from: Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland. Representatives from: Germany, Iceland, Spain and the United Kingdom function as observer members in the board representing one of the social partners from the respective countries. The European social partners, Intergraf and Uni Europa Graphical also have a seat in the EGIN board as observer member.
The board meets 2-3 times a year. The Executive Committee, consisting of the chairman and secretary of the board and the executive secretary, continually monitors EGIN. The administration of the network is financed to a large degree by member fees. The founding countries pay an annual fee of € 7,500, observer members of the Board €  1,000 and members € 775.

The board offers two member seats per country: one for a representative of the employers’ organisation(s) and one for a representative of the trade union. A country represented by two organisations has full membership of the EGIN Board; this representation can be executed either by two persons or by one person appointed by the two organisations. A country may have an observer membership on the EGIN board executed by a representative from only one organisation. Two organisations from the same country can be observer members only for a period of two years.
An organisation (board member) wanting to leave the EGIN board should give notice of this before July the year before leaving the board.