Online sessions May 2022

In May and June  we will organise 3 online events.

For both events we have a different regsitration procedure.

Two events on Friday 20 May from 13.30 hrs. till 15.15 hrs.
Session 1: 13.30-14.15 Recruitment of technical employees for print-media companiesIt is hard at this moment to recruit these kind of experienced or new staff  with the right skills and competences.  Are special projects the solution?  Can VET education be a help?
By Marcel Lamain, GOC The Netherlands.

Session 2: 14.30-15.15: “Innovation through cooperation”. This is an extended project of the EKFI project that finished last year. EKFI is the database with learning materials. The new project aims at: Development of an educational model in order to facilitate cooperative production of teaching and learning materials; development of tools to facilitate this production process; the production of materials on technonlogy and the circular economy to facilitate testing of the models being produced in the first two outputs.
By Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis, HELGRAMED and GRAPHMEDLAB, Greece

The event will run on the Zoom Platform. If you wish to participate you can use the following link to get access to this event.
Join the event using the link, only on the time you need to get access to the event: click on  link:

One on Friday 3 June from 12.30 till  13.45 hrs.
Tommie Nyström (Sweden) and Robert Sutter (UK) of  Nystrom Elf & Sutter
(different registration procedure, please check the last paragraph)

A Green project for the creative industries: The project ‘Green x Creative’ (GxC) aims to improve the Creative Industries (CIs) education and training sectors to include opportunities for green, digital thinking and sustainability in the CI curricula.
Key words: Green, Creative, Sustainable, Design, Production, Digital, Distribution, Logistics, Communication, Innovation

The event will run on the Zoom Platform. If you wish to participate please send  an email to EGIN (click the link).  The day before the eventyou will  receive the invitation to join the event, that runs on the Zoom platform) .